Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When i close my eyes
you are all that i see
Nothing under the stars
is more precious to me
What did i do
to deserve your favor

The very thought of you
makes me
changes my behavior
The feelings
that I have for you
i cannot contain
You have found a place
inside my heart
to remain

In you i've found
emotion i never knew
could exist
In you i've found
a feeling that
i cannot resist
In you i've found
a place that feels
like heaven above

In you i've found
one word
In you i've found

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Makasih banget nih dah mo mampir di gubuk ane ...,
Jangan lupa yee tinggalin jejaknya dimarih ...,
Jangan cuman liwat doang, corat-coret dong ahh dikit ajah, banyak jg kgak masalah, asal sopan ....