Monday, April 11, 2011


Love is a gentle caring
a quite concern deeply hidden in the heart
A presence always felt everyday, every minute, every hour.

Love is a gentle embrace
between body and soul.
A quite touch of the hand a soft hug
by warms arms
a caress of two souls

Love is a greate passion between hungry hearts
The intimate exchange
between mind, body and soul

Love is always caring
always growing
always being there
Love is a wonderful gift
shared by two blessed souls
experiencing Heaven on Earth

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Makasih banget nih dah mo mampir di gubuk ane ...,
Jangan lupa yee tinggalin jejaknya dimarih ...,
Jangan cuman liwat doang, corat-coret dong ahh dikit ajah, banyak jg kgak masalah, asal sopan ....