Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Heart to chose
I have nothing to lose
Just my heart had to chose
If I lose my hearts feelings
My head has no Meaning

Happiness to my heArt consent
Is also empty
The is weighs almost nothing
My pen in my hand,
love is my plan.

Wiped out the all my sadness
Lost legends of yesteRday
My missing stories,
once waw told
My words Keep me going,
for tomorrow

It bring the joy in my face
To my happiness my heart belongs
My words can not fail
my soul

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Makasih banget nih dah mo mampir di gubuk ane ...,
Jangan lupa yee tinggalin jejaknya dimarih ...,
Jangan cuman liwat doang, corat-coret dong ahh dikit ajah, banyak jg kgak masalah, asal sopan ....