Monday, May 21, 2012


This day I lift you from the dark, Up to the Sun I hold you high.
With bird and cloud shall you too soar In freedom graced by bluest skies.

Released are you from humble garbs, Which hides your glowing beauty rare.
On all about shall your light shine, And show to all your spirit fair.

And as you shine, shall All shine too In grateful thanks to be so blessed By light from one of heart so kind, Whose every breath gives Life's caress.

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Makasih banget nih dah mo mampir di gubuk ane ...,
Jangan lupa yee tinggalin jejaknya dimarih ...,
Jangan cuman liwat doang, corat-coret dong ahh dikit ajah, banyak jg kgak masalah, asal sopan ....